The whole world is now united against the cruel aggression of russia and in support of territorial integrity of Ukraine. We at JatApp believe that business should also state the position now.

JatApp is an international IT company whose main office is located in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

Company’s Statement

At 5 am on February 24th we were awakened by the sounds of explosions, not an alarm clock. We couldn’t believe, but it happened – russia launched a full-scale invasion and attacked us.

Over the next days, we left our homes, looked for safer places, listened to the sounds of sirens, cared for family and friends, supported the Ukrainian army, and joined the ranks of defenders.

JatApp condemns russia’s war against Ukraine. And we are convinced that victory will surely be ours. After all, the Ukrainian people are invincible, and their defenders are real heroes!

How to help Ukraine

Support the military defence

The main governmental donation page for Ukrainian army

Donate to the supplies for the military

The biggest organization providing support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Provide the humanitarian help

The main governmental donation page for social needs in wartime

What JatApp is already doing

Evacuate the team

We evacuated our team to the west of Ukraine and provided financial, psychological, and organizational help

Return to work

We have already returned to work to ensure the stable development of our products and outsourcing services

Сontinue to hire

During this hard time for business we continue to hire. We are ready to help those who have lost their jobs

Stay decent

We pay taxes and salaries on time, and we retain jobs for those who joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine

What our colleagues are doing

Money for the army

Raise and donate money for ammunition and needs of the army

Defense of Ukraine

Join the Armed Forces and territorial defense of Ukraine

DDOS attacks

Make DDOS attacks on information resources of russian propaganda

Blood donation

Donate blood for wounded soldiers and civilians

Our team stays calm, we continue to do the best we can – work and support the economy. We are sure that the good will win, and very soon we will celebrate victory in the Ukrainian Crimea 💙💛