Our culture

Our corporate culture consists of mission and values, which were created democratically by asking our employees why JatApp is so special.

Our Mission

We create mass and high-tech products that are daily used by millions of people around the world. And we do not want to stop at the achieved results because the software development is an interesting game for us that proves we can be the best in our niches and take leadership positions.

We can create new products and scale existing ones. And all these thanks to the best team of professionals: skillful, intelligent, and persistent.

Our Values


We bring together professionals for whom work is for the call of the heart. We value the talent and uniqueness of everyone, and strive for team synergy.


A full sense of responsibility for your work comes when you put yourself in the place of a business owner, making decisions and doing your job honestly.


Goal achievement and progress are important to us. We improve the process and strive for continuous development while keeping the end result in focus.