Benefits and opportunities

We understand how important it is to find your job fit. We also agree that no perks can persuade more than an opportunity for professional growth. So, we created a culture where you can achieve whatever you are up to with our support and sympathetic feedback.

Did you know that


have career growth within the company


employees are hired through a referral program

What we offer


– Fully remote work and flexible schedule
– All necessary equipment for your work
– Regular compensation review
– Sport compensation and health insurance
–  Consultations of accountant and lawyer
–  Relocation to Turkey


– Community of experienced colleagues
– 7 years of market leadership
– Knowledge sharing among the team
– Individual development plans
– Professional and English language courses
– Permanent access to Coursera, Projector


– Flat org chart without bureaucracy
– Team lead is a mentor, not a controller
– Appreciation of team achievements
– Rocket-team of like-minded people
– Interests sharing – sports and volunteerism

Creative freedom

– You can influence product and work processes
– Opportunity to build professional path you want
– Creative atmosphere where “unicorns” are born
– Development of products that have user value

Referral program that works for you and us

We are constantly looking for new talents who will be passionate about doing their job in the best possible way with a full heart.

So, if you have a talented friend or acquaintance who has the same attitude and mindset, feel free to recommend him or her!

Relocation to Ankara

Our company operates in Ukraine and Turkey, so you will have the opportunity to work in any country you’d like to. If you decide to work in Ankara, we will help with the relocation, and support you at all the stages of this process.

What we do:

  • compensate transfer for you
  • pay for the one week of stay in apartments
  • apartment search for a longer stay
  • information support