At JatApp, these beautiful words exist not only as a slogan. This is our inner DNA and everyday driver to achieve even more. Together 🧡

Who we are

JatApp is an international IT company that develops and promotes its own mobile, desktop, and web products, as well as has an outsourcing business.

Key facts about us


Team members


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Products in portfolio


Outsourcing projects

We work in two directions


More than 90% of our business activities are our own products. We are super passionate about creating new and scaling our existing apps. In the nearest future, JatApp wants to take the first place in all niches we are presented in.


We assist our clients in the implementation of their software ideas as well as in the digitalization of their business. Thus, we support their business in the development and scaling. Our products help both: brings joy and benefit to other business.

Our amazing products







Our amazing products

Our portfolio includes 18 products in various niches, namely: business, utilities, lifestyle, cybersecurity, books, and education.

Also, we are open to other categories, as it is essential to stay flexible in the technological world.

20 000 000 +

Monthly Active Users

Every month more than 20 million users enjoy the advantages of our creations. The mission of JatApp products is to make people’s lives brighter and simpler by offering the best solutions and user experience.

The soul of our products

The soul of our products is our team. These are the people who put their most valuable resources, time and energy, into the common goals and success. Each of them is a proud creator whom we cherish.